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In-store locations

Monday, January 5th, 2015

For in-store contests, go to two or three locations of the same chain if the prize is something you really would like. In-store contests often offer your best chance at a prize as they are generally short-closing dates and fewer people bother with entering these. These are also generally free to enter! Always carry a pen in your purse or pocket in case you need one to enter!

The best way to find out about in-store contests is to look through the weekly flyers for the stores in your area and to occasionally visit the stores.

Some stores that offer frequent In-Store contests include grocery store chains, liquor stores, Co-op / The Marketplace stores, Family Foods and I.G.A stores, and any store offering promotions for holidays or Grand Openings. Don’t “plan” to go back to enter, rather take a moment and fill out a form right there. Many times people think they will find the time to get back but don’t.  Follow all the rules,  and get in the habit of ‘just do it” and the odds will work in your favour!

Get a contact name!

Monday, June 14th, 2010

I have been in situations where I received a winning call but neglect to write down contact information of the person phoning. If you are lucky enough to receive a call, ask for and keep track of the person’s name and phone number. Sometimes you are to receive a fax or email and it doesn’t go through properly, or you may have a question to ask at a later date. Create an email save list for Wins under your favourites column in case you get an email. Then you can refer back to it as an alternate contact.

Be sure to ask for a contact number and even bring it along on any trip, in case reservations or confirmations are not properly honoured.  Be prepared to save yourself from any frustrations!

For answering a Skill Testing Questions over the phone, make sure you have a paper and writing instrument handy at each phone in your home.  If you are nervous, ask the caller to give you the equation and write down the whole equation before answering.  Ask if there are brackets or if the question is to be answered in the order it is given.  Ask if it is to be followed with BEDMAS, a Mathematical order of solving equations:  which means first Brackets, then Exponents, followed by Division, followed by Multiplication, Addition and lastly, Subtraction.  (I have never seen a Skill Testing Question that contained Exponents!) Get the information you need and then ask if you can set the phone down for a few seconds to calculate the answer.  When you think you have solved it, go through it one more time to be sure.

If you find you have any questions about the skill testing question, ASK! Companies want you to win–they will clarify the question if necessary… Remember to be calm and take your time…. Good Luck!

Follow all rules

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Don’t allow the sponsor a reason to disqualify your ballot for not attaching a UPC code or neglecting to include that  minimum 50 word essay. Count your words to be sure you adhere to the rules of the contest. Make sure your paper or postcard measures up if a size is specified.

For Internet contests be sure to note whether the contest states in the rules: “1 entry per person per day” or “1 entry per household per day” as this can be enough for the sponsors to disqualify you. The rules are there to keep it fair for everyone.  So if the rules say” “1 entry per person” don’t make up a name or use your middle name to win. The sponsors may check up on you and you can be disqualified.  Besides, doesn’t dishonesty ruin it for everyone? Be honest and win fairly so that sponsors don’t have to ramp up their ‘proof of identity’ rules and make entering more difficult for everyone.  You can win if you are persistant!

Fancy Envelopes?

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Envelopes: When sending entries into one of the larger contests sponsors, the type, size and colour of the envelope you use doesn’t matter. These contests are sent to a clearing house that receives thousands of envelopes. These are then assigned a number and filed away until the draw date. The assigned (and sometimes computer generated)  numbers are what determines the winner.  However, some people swear that alternating plain white envelopes with coloured envelopes leads to their success in being chosen as a winner. Can it hurt? No. So do what feels right for you and try different methods of entering. It probably won’t help your entry be chosen but if you have the time it can’t hurt

Similarly, there are some entrants who decorate their envelope or include a return address label on the outside of the envelope. If you feel it aids in your contest aspirations, go ahead! For smaller or regional contests decorating your entry or folding it in an unusual way can be the difference between having your entry chosen or not.

Number of Entries

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Some people say that you should always enter each contest you really like five to ten times (if the rules do not have an entry limit).

It seems you may not need to enter more, that may be the optimal number of entries for having a good chance to win, according to some of our winners. Enter more frequently if you have the time or inclination.

 I try to send away for no purchase entries when it is reasonable, such as for a high cost item that I can’t afford to add to my weekly shopping list. In cases like chocolate bar promotions or small restaurant items, like drinks with a special tab or code to enter, it’s probably more cost effective to just purchase the item rather than send postage there and back which costs in excess of one dollar not including the envelopes and time spent waiting.

I also try to enter a brand new online/ instant win contest I might find as soon as possible. If not as many people have heard about the promotion, you may have a better chance at winning one of the instant win prizes before everyone else starts entering.  Also, consider entering instant win contests at off hours, eg, in the middle of the night. If the prizes are “time-seeded” you face less competition when the rest of the country is sleeping.

Always follow the rules! However, if you can get more entries into an instore ballot box and the rules allow it, pick up a few extra forms and deposit for your husband or children, with their permission.  if the form calls to have a UPC attached, follow all rules and watch that you have the correct product and size of product according to the rules.

I try to enter Internet contests I like daily if the rules allow. Make a “favourite” list and go back daily, or weekly to enter for the prizes you like the most.  Like anything, contests are a “numbers game’. The more entries, the more chance you have to be selected to win!

Enter family names too

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Enter with other people’s names in your family (with their permission) in addition to your own entry. Write out your husband’s or wife’s name, your parent’s, your children’s or your friend’s names. Maybe they will share with you or take you along. At the very least they will be grateful to you if they win a great prize and maybe will do the same for you!

Enter Frequently

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Enter frequently.

Stagger postal entries so they arrive at different times in the contest period and not all at once.  







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