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Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

More Winners to Report:

I got an email from B in ON, who won a trip to Hong Kong from the Toronto Sun!  The trip is worth $10,000, AMAZING!

Another excited email I got was from a reader in December: ‘I just got back from Germany–won grand prize in Nivea Contest–4 day trip to Germany to Rihanna concert with airfare, hotel, concert & spending money….. Wow. Quickest

turnaround ever–2 days to get the releases in & signatures back. From first phone call to on the plane: 10 days!  This Nivea contest cost well over the $8000 it was estimated at. Airfare alone was over $6200 plus the concert tickets Plustthey booked 2 rooms in an amazing 5 star hotel in Hamburg since they had no rooms for 4, and in addition they gave us spending money totalling $2000. I hope 2012 is Great!’  Well, 2011 certainly was!

Another reader wrote in to tell me she received a letter from Reader’s Digest & won the “Traveling with Poise” contest, winning a $2500 travel voucher for Sunwing Vacations. What a great holiday it will be!

Congratulations to all our winners!

Happy Winners:

A subscriber won a new Whirlpool Cabriolet Washer and Dryer set from an MSN online contest this season! The set is worth $2000. Thank you for sharing with us!

Another email: “I wish to report my wins for 2011. It was a great year!
1. From a local radio station, I won a $25 restaurant gift certificate and a $50 car wash.
2. From Rubbermaid, I won an over the door organizer, a drawer divider, a canister set, and a sliding rack to hold pans and lids.
3. From Living Well, I won a cheque for $500.
4. (The big one!) I won the “I Make It So Good” contest sponsored by Soya World and Marlin Travel. What was supposed to be a trip to a cooking school in Tuscany turned out to actually be $10,000 worth of gift certificates with Marlin Travel that I can use for anything, anywhere, any time! WOW!
Happy New Year!

From another subscriber “Hi –Just letting you know that I had a small win.  I won $100 gift certificate for Co-op. This was the contest from last winter/spring.  First prize was a trip to Costa Rica… with Van Houtte’s coffee.  There were 50  prizes of $100 gift Cert for the runners up.

I am FINALLY using the $3,000 travel voucher that I won with the newspaper a couple of years ago.  A friend and I are going to England, Ireland & Scotland, next May.  So my win has paid for a good chunk of this trip!!

Have a very  PROSPEROUS/LUCKY new year.  Keep up the good work with your newsletter.”

This winner also won a pair of tickets to a ballet performance from the local paper.  Way to go! These wins will keep you going!   Congratulations! We are glad to hear of your luck and I appreciate the kind words. Thank You, I wish you the best for the new year as well!

Also a subscriber from QC hasn’t found a lot of time this fall for entering contests due to a home move, but did follow the cardinal rule and entered a contest in-store when she was shopping and managed to win the $500 g.c. they were offering.  That is exactly how it should be done! Try to never pass by the ballot box thinking you will go back later as it just takes a moment to enter and you never know… Congratulations A.S.  Best of luck in the New Year…

I have had emails from friends and subscribers telling me about their big wins, and some do not wish for me to print them, but be assured, people are still winning and winning Big!

New winners in 2010:

A winner, B.B. from ON won 1st place in a SpongeBob contest winning a nice gift package for her grand daughter and as well her husbadn won second place in a Coors Golf contest, winning golf shoes, umbrella & club covers.

Another winner L.B from MB recently won a bike from the local Co-op in-store draw, and as well many smaller prizes of a DVD prize pack, gift certificate to Shoppers Drug Mart, and a pizza dinner from a radio contest. Keep up the good work!

A writer from QC, N.F. tells me she won $25 of Chapmans Ice Cream in a Homemakers magazine poetry contest. Yum!

A reader from BC, B.N. won a trip for 2 from Future Shop—a trip to see comedian Russell Peters in San Diego CA, including a meet and greet with the funnyman. What a great trip! Thanks for sharing.

Another reader, this time from ON–A.M. was happily surprised to instantly win a Jelly Belly Wii game from their long term contest. She plays that game often in order to get a daily entry for Jelly Belly’s trip to Disneyland contest.  She also won a Tilley Hat this season from a Facebook photo contest involving showing off your craziest hat! Congratulations!

My husband won an iPod for me—Yay! And a dear friend of mine gave me some gift certificates she won for downloading music. Thanks once again!

Another happy winner J.O. from QC told me I could list her wins as well: “My wins have been good over the past years….
$1000 at SAQ (our liquor shop in Quebec), tickets to sporting events and concerts, and a gift card at a local pharmacy for 500$ & in one day I won a bar-b-q set (much needed) from an on-line contest, a $100 gift card from cineplex odeon from a text message contest and a dinner/cruise around my hometown (Montreal) for 4 people valued at over $400 from a radio station!!”
Her words of wisdom: “Keep the winning spirit out there, and it all comes back, if you just believe and keep your eyes focused!” Good words of advice for all of us Wannabee Winners!

I received a few letters and emails from some of our Winners.

One subscriber from AB wrote to tell me that being retired making time for Contests has helped her benefit her whole family. She keeps a tally since 1994 and has won an astounding $233,000 of cash and prizes! Oh my goodness, what a lucky person!Keeping a tally or spreadsheet is a great way to keep track of what a Winner you are and to keep you motivated when the wins are less than abundant, which happens to us all.

This subscriber recently won a  Jeep Liberty, fully loaded and her second vehicle win in 14 years. She also won $1000 gift certificates to two different hardware stores, a furniture store, shopping spree with a local hockey player, $500 Best Buy gift certificats, $100 WestJet gift certificate, $200 restaurant gift certificates & tickets to see productions and movies.  She mentions that she only enters for the prizes she can use, and “when I have dry spells I just continue to enter and wait for that special phone call”. She also mentions that she likes to enter mail-in contests, ballot contests and local contests. She makes an effort to enter some of the Internet contests that intrigue her. Over the years this lady has also won 26 trips to destinations in North America and Europe, shopping sprees etc, and the opportunity to share with her family.  Thank you for sharing your wins with all of us!

My family had a good final few months of last year as well… I found out I won a contest from Off & SCJohnson Company with a trip to an Adventure destination in Canada.  Then on December 24th my husband received a call from a local mall where he had entered a ballot contest (1 entry/ person). He won a trip for 2 to Las Vegas and we took the trip at the start of February. It was a wonderful three day whirlwind trip that we both really enjoyed, although I gambled away any of the winnings I may have won on the slots! But it was fabulous to get away from our city in the winter and enjoy some sunny, warm weather for a few days and also enjoy the sights and events in Las Vegas!

In addition,2009 has started off well for my family. My son won a football jersey, football and cap from an In-store Family Foods draw, I won a cookware set from the Co-op/ Campbells contest that ended in December (one of 25 sets worth $699 I believe) and my son won a spot in the Manitoba Driver’s Ed challenge to possibly win a larger prize such as a scholarship.  So I believe that 2009 will again be good to those who put in a good effort.  Remember, each of us goes through slower spells, but if you enter consistently, enter locally, and enter in a variety of methods, ie) Mail in, ballots, text message, Internet, creative entries like photo contests or essays, you will be lucky too! BELIEVE!

Other winners:

J. from MB reports that they won a Hell’s Kitchen Prize pack, $50 g.c from a Post cereal contest, Montgomery Gentry tickets, theatre tickets & an Herbal Essenses prize pack. More recently J. won a Vespa worth $5000! Congratulations !

M. from SK reports winning a George Canyon Autographed CD, iPod Shuffle, camera, sports jersey & $50 Walmart certificate recently. Congratulations to both and thanks for sharing your wins with us!

Summer wins:

A winner from SK wrote with her recent wins: Blu-Ray disc player and movie collection, val $1,000, and an instant win 1 year magazine subscription, CMT Country Heat CD, val $20. Keep it up!!

Another subscriber wrote to tell me she has had her best year yet, in the summer she won: A Vespa scooter, val $5000, Cuba trip, val $4000, BC winery tour for 4, val $8000, plus some smaller wins including an Arriba chips soundtrack prize and a Nascar hat, plus a Nestle Instant win Crayola package. Great wins! Keep it up and enjoy those trips! ** Update, this winner has now won a trip to the 2010 Olympics! Go Canada!

I have had a very good year also. Our family has won three trips. My husband and I just returned from Algonquin Park last week with a Great Canadian Adventures weekend from Off that I won last fall. Our whole family also visited New Brunswick in Aug, courtesy of Nestle, a trip my husband won. This was a wonderful 3 night trip staying at the Fairmont Algonquin. Also in Feb this year my husband and I went to Las Vegas with a 3 night trip won from a local mall (I mentioned this in a previous post). This summer, my daughter and I went to Elkhorn Spa in MB for a 2 night spa getaway which we thoroughly enjoyed, courtesy of a local CTV Watch and Win Contest.

My son won $1000 on the Crush/ Much Music daily Internet contest. He has put the money into his savings & I can tell you it was a pretty big thrill for a 15 year old! I was impressed when I saw him answer the phone, pick up a pen and correctly answer a STQ, all before telling me who it was! I have trained him right! Other small wins include a prize pack from Sonora wines, val $100 and DVD from the Arriba contest, plus recently my husband got an email that he won a prize from an Internet Arm & Hammer contest, which we are also waiting for. So yes, it has been a good run. Persistence is the key!

We want to hear about all your wins!!

Trip, Barbeque and Chef

Thursday, January 15th, 2009
Party with Chef

Party with Chef

We had our largest win to date of a $10,000 prize which included a trip for members of our family to Toronto plus a huge Barbeque and a party for 10 of our family members hosted by Ted Reader, the chef. 

My husband entered and won this prize which we will continue to enjoy for years to come.  – Lori

TV, DVD Player, iPod

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

My recent wins are 42in Toshiba TV along with a DVD player from the Pop and Play Trivia contest (online), val $3000, 2 g.b. silver iPod from IGA & Tropicana-Quaker (mail-in), Bose iPod docking station from a mail-in liquor store contest, $600 from the YTV contest (online), & Year of a Million Dreams Disney Contest Mickey Mouse ears (priceless).  My grandson lost his ears from our trip to Disney and was thrilled when I won him a new pair!  J. from MB.

Trip to NY, Cash, more

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

smileymoneyAnother winner from Edmonton who recently wrote in tells me that she just won a big trip to New York City this month from the online contest, Share the Energy & Win. She has won the trip (choice of NY, Las Angeles or Las Vegas) plus 2 tours & $1000 cash. Also this year she tells me that she has won 7 sets of movie tickets, $200 in Boston Pizza g.c (yummy), many food prizes, cans of Maxwell House coffee, an Eton Radio from Energizer, val $175, stamps, a DVD, 2– iPods, a fondue set & a bar set, val $129. Wow! That is quite a wonderful list! Thank you for sharing your great fortune.

My Family Wins

Thursday, January 15th, 2009
Hey, we won!

Hey, we won!

We won gift certificates of all kinds and amounts, $1000 cash, 2 cameras & a photo printer, 50,000 Aeroplan Miles, three iPods, two travel gift certificates, a trip to Hawaii worth $5,000, two high-end golf bags, a pair of Justin Timberlake concert tickets, kids toys & art supplies, movie passes galore and lots and lots of smaller prizes. Each year I am amazed by what great wins we have had over the year. I keep track of all our wins on a spreadsheet to help me remember how fortunate we are. I urge you to keep track of all wins, large and small to keep up your motivation in the “slow” times – Lori

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