Number of Entries

Some people say that you should always enter each contest you really like five to ten times (if the rules do not have an entry limit).

It seems you may not need to enter more, that may be the optimal number of entries for having a good chance to win, according to some of our winners. Enter more frequently if you have the time or inclination.

 I try to send away for no purchase entries when it is reasonable, such as for a high cost item that I can’t afford to add to my weekly shopping list. In cases like chocolate bar promotions or small restaurant items, like drinks with a special tab or code to enter, it’s probably more cost effective to just purchase the item rather than send postage there and back which costs in excess of one dollar not including the envelopes and time spent waiting.

I also try to enter a brand new online/ instant win contest I might find as soon as possible. If not as many people have heard about the promotion, you may have a better chance at winning one of the instant win prizes before everyone else starts entering.  Also, consider entering instant win contests at off hours, eg, in the middle of the night. If the prizes are “time-seeded” you face less competition when the rest of the country is sleeping.

Always follow the rules! However, if you can get more entries into an instore ballot box and the rules allow it, pick up a few extra forms and deposit for your husband or children, with their permission.  if the form calls to have a UPC attached, follow all rules and watch that you have the correct product and size of product according to the rules.

I try to enter Internet contests I like daily if the rules allow. Make a “favourite” list and go back daily, or weekly to enter for the prizes you like the most.  Like anything, contests are a “numbers game’. The more entries, the more chance you have to be selected to win!

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