Fancy Envelopes?

Envelopes: When sending entries into one of the larger contests sponsors, the type, size and colour of the envelope you use doesn’t matter. These contests are sent to a clearing house that receives thousands of envelopes. These are then assigned a number and filed away until the draw date. The assigned (and sometimes computer generated)  numbers are what determines the winner.  However, some people swear that alternating plain white envelopes with coloured envelopes leads to their success in being chosen as a winner. Can it hurt? No. So do what feels right for you and try different methods of entering. It probably won’t help your entry be chosen but if you have the time it can’t hurt

Similarly, there are some entrants who decorate their envelope or include a return address label on the outside of the envelope. If you feel it aids in your contest aspirations, go ahead! For smaller or regional contests decorating your entry or folding it in an unusual way can be the difference between having your entry chosen or not.

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