In-store locations

For in-store contests, go to two or three locations of the same chain if the prize is something you really would like. In-store contests often offer your best chance at a prize as they are generally short-closing dates and fewer people bother with entering these. These are also generally free to enter! Always carry a pen in your purse or pocket in case you need one to enter!

The best way to find out about in-store contests is to look through the weekly flyers for the stores in your area and to occasionally visit the stores.

Some stores that offer frequent In-Store contests include grocery store chains, liquor stores, Co-op / The Marketplace stores, Family Foods and I.G.A stores, and any store offering promotions for holidays or Grand Openings. Don’t “plan” to go back to enter, rather take a moment and fill out a form right there. Many times people think they will find the time to get back but don’t.  Follow all the rules,  and get in the habit of ‘just do it” and the odds will work in your favour!

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