Follow all rules

Don’t allow the sponsor a reason to disqualify your ballot for not attaching a UPC code or neglecting to include that  minimum 50 word essay. Count your words to be sure you adhere to the rules of the contest. Make sure your paper or postcard measures up if a size is specified.

For Internet contests be sure to note whether the contest states in the rules: “1 entry per person per day” or “1 entry per household per day” as this can be enough for the sponsors to disqualify you. The rules are there to keep it fair for everyone.  So if the rules say” “1 entry per person” don’t make up a name or use your middle name to win. The sponsors may check up on you and you can be disqualified.  Besides, doesn’t dishonesty ruin it for everyone? Be honest and win fairly so that sponsors don’t have to ramp up their ‘proof of identity’ rules and make entering more difficult for everyone.  You can win if you are persistant!

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