Need to draw UPC lines?

      When submitting a hand drawn UPC code, do you have to draw the exact number of lines for the UPC to be accepted?

      Usually it is a good idea to try to copy the UPC as correctly as possible. I would advise you to record the correct numbers as well as the  accurate number of lines on a UPC code. There are  two basic configurations for UPC’s, and they become easy to copy with practice. Look at any UPC code on the products in your home for guidance as to the size of the code & number of lines. I have been informed by others that the numbers are the most important aspect of the code, and some people have won with an irregular number of lines, but why take chances? UPC codes are of standard format and it is in your own best interests to make them as accurately as possible so as to not have your entry disqualified because of inconsistencies.    With practice you will learn to make well-drawn UPCs quite easily.

      Another suggestion is to draw the codes free-hand as this would not contravene the directions “hand-drawn facsimile” of a UPC. One note: you do not need to make the lines thicker or thinner to have an acceptable UPC code. Simple pen strokes will suffice.

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