Get a contact name!

I have been in situations where I received a winning call but neglect to write down contact information of the person phoning. If you are lucky enough to receive a call, ask for and keep track of the person’s name and phone number. Sometimes you are to receive a fax or email and it doesn’t go through properly, or you may have a question to ask at a later date. Create an email save list for Wins under your favourites column in case you get an email. Then you can refer back to it as an alternate contact.

Be sure to ask for a contact number and even bring it along on any trip, in case reservations or confirmations are not properly honoured.  Be prepared to save yourself from any frustrations!

For answering a Skill Testing Questions over the phone, make sure you have a paper and writing instrument handy at each phone in your home.  If you are nervous, ask the caller to give you the equation and write down the whole equation before answering.  Ask if there are brackets or if the question is to be answered in the order it is given.  Ask if it is to be followed with BEDMAS, a Mathematical order of solving equations:  which means first Brackets, then Exponents, followed by Division, followed by Multiplication, Addition and lastly, Subtraction.  (I have never seen a Skill Testing Question that contained Exponents!) Get the information you need and then ask if you can set the phone down for a few seconds to calculate the answer.  When you think you have solved it, go through it one more time to be sure.

If you find you have any questions about the skill testing question, ASK! Companies want you to win–they will clarify the question if necessary… Remember to be calm and take your time…. Good Luck!

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